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Crystal Viper

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Poland / Katowice


Heavy Metal


Crystal Viper is a Polish Heavy Metal band, founded in 2003 by singer and multiinstrumentalist Marta Gabriel (except singing she plays guitar, bass guitar, piano, and finished music school in grand piano class), after she finished her cooperation with several local Rock bands. The name Crystal Viper was given by Bart Gabriel - music producer and manager, and in private life: Marta's husband - who used it for several music projects since 2001, and which refer to classic band names such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath or Mercyful Fate (adjective and noun). In 2003 the name Crystal Viper was officially taken over by Marta's band.

Two songs released in band's early days: "Wild Child" (W.A.S.P. cover song) and "Chaos Rising" (Cirith Ungol cover song) were recorded in amateur conditions, together with friends from other bands ("Chaos Rising" was released under the name "Crystal Viper & Elixir", as it has been recorded with 2 members of the legendary British act Elixir: Phil Denton on guitar and Paul Taylor as guest vocalist). In summer of 2006, after long searching, many auditions and rehearsal sessions, the first official line up got estabilished, and Crystal Viper turned from project into regular band, with: Marta Gabriel (vocals), Andy Wave (real name: Lukasz Halczuch, guitar), Golem (real name: Tomasz Danczak, drums) and Tommy Targosz (bass guitar). Until the end of 2006 over a dozen of demo and rehearsal materials got recorded, but all of them had unofficial and private character only.

Still in 2006, the band enter recording studio to record another cover song: "Flaming Metal Systems" from Manilla Road, and soon after that ink the deal with Karthago Records from Germany, for which record its debut album: "The Curse Of Crystal Viper", released in early 2007. The release is a concept album based on the "Crystal Viper: Khalandir Under Siege" story, written by Bart Gabriel several years earlier. In December of 2006 the band plays first official live show at the Masters Of Rock Festival in Czech Republic, and share the stage with acts such as Cradle Of Filth and Doro (and where the band appears with Tommy's brother Lukasz on 2nd guitar). Soon after the release of the debut album, Targosz leaves the band - without stable bass player Crystal Viper plays one live show with band's friends: Dee Key on bass guitar, and Pete Raven on 2nd guitar. The same year Crystal Viper finds the right guy: Tomasz Woryna joins the ranks as the official bass guitarist, and in 2007 Crystal Viper is:

- Marta Gabriel, vocals
- Andy Wave, guitars
- Golem, drums
- Tomasz Woryna, bass guitar

With this line up the band record the following releases: "The Last Axeman" EP (2008), 2nd studio album "Metal Nation" (2009), "Stronghold" and "The Wolf And The Witch" singles, "Defenders Of The Magic Circle: Live In Germany" live album, and 3rd studio album titled "Legends". At the end of 2009 Crystal Viper signs new deal with AFM Records. During live shows the band is supported by live guitarists: Mateusz Gojdzik (with whom the band record mentioned live album) and Rafal Gorny, but in 2009 Marta Gabriel takes over rhythm guitarist duties, and from now on Crystal Viper is 4-piece act both on stage and in the studio.At the end of 2011 Crystal Viper record 4th studio album "Crimen Excepta" - the concept effort about holy inquisition, black magic and witches, where fiction is mixed with historical facts, released in April of 2012, and which - like all previous Crystal Viper releases - was produced by Bart Gabriel. The album receive massive feedback from both fans and journalists, and become band's best selling release. Sadly due to occupational obligations Tomasz Woryna is forced to take lesser part in band's activity - most of the bass guitar parts on the "Crimen Excepta" album are recorded by Marta Gabriel, and during live shows he is replaced by Michal Badocha, who few months later become official member of the band. Crystal Viper in 2013 is:

- Marta Gabriel, vocals and guitars
- Andy Wave, guitars
- Golem, drums
- Michal Badocha, bass guitar

After several live shows, in countries such as: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and Denmark, Crystal Viper returns to the studio to record their fifth studio album, "Possession". The new concept effort will have its premiere on Friday 13, December 2013, and will be released via AFM Records (in Europe and US) and via Spiritual Beast Records (Japan). To be continued...

Line Up:

Golem Drums - See also: Black from the Pit, Börn Again, ex-Scream, ex-Darzamat, ex-Dragon
Andy Wave Guitars
Marta Gabriel Vocals, Guitars - See also: Börn Again, Jack Starr's Burning Starr (live)
Michał Badocha Bass (2013-present) - See also: At the Lake, Unsaint


The Curse of Crystal Viper Full-length 2007
The Last Axeman Compilation 2008
Metal Nation Full-length 2009
Sleeping Swords Compilation 2009
The Wolf and the Witch Single 2009
Stronghold Single 2009
Defenders of the Magic Circle: Live in Germany Live album 2010
Legends Full-length 2010
Witch's Mark Single 2012
Crimen Excepta Full-length 2012
Fight Evil with Evil Single 2013
Possession Full-length 2013




Re: Crystal Viper

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Crystal Viper - Possession (2013)




Year : 2013
Style : Heavy Metal
Country : Poland
Audio : 320 kbps + scans
Size : 107 mb


1. Zeta Reticuli
2. Voices in My Head
3. Julia Is Possessed
4. Fight Evil with Evil 05:47
5. Mark of the Horned One
6. Why Can't You Listen?
7. You Will Die You Will Burn
8. We Are Many
9. Prophet of the End 05:40

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