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Pink Rose

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France / Location: Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur


PINK ROSE born from the ashes of Parisian band Attentat Rock (who released three albums since the beginning of the eighties) when composer and guitarist Hervé Raynal left the group in 1985.Remaining members singer Marc Quee (from Sweden), bassist Pierre Brémond, drummer Thierry Gaulme and guitarist Fabrice Fourgeaud decided to carry on with the addition of ex-Satan Jokers Stephane Bonneau occupying the guitar slot, and the band played some shows including a few dates opening for Mama's Boys.But the group and management decided to change the classic hard rock style of the previous discs in favor of the Pop-Metal / Hard Rock FM ruling the radio in America.So not only re-named the group as PINK ROSE, they also started writing songs with a more commercial approach, instant choruses and including a lot AOR-synth arrangements to the music.The result was "Just What You Needed", a disc plenty of American sounding catchy songs, rocking guitars and radio-friendly melodies.In fact, the title track is a pop-metal arranged cover of The Cars song, really infectious and foot-tapping. Other numbers as "Longing for Fove" or "Cheating Lady" are pure US Melodic Rockers with the typical sound of the era recalling King Kobra or Icon, same with the intense semi-ballad "Lonely in the Street".There's some tracks retaining a more Euro Hard Rock of the band's origins, like the Pretty Maids influenced "Rocking Child" or "Across the Seven Seas", and to a lesser degree, the melodic hard of "Rocker" recalling British wonders Shogun."Just What You Needed" is a lovely, catchy rocking album from a band that never got the right push although they had the potential for big things.The songs are contagious - full of clichés, yes - but the ones you love in this genre. Good vocals, sharp guitars, a lot of synths and impeccable rhythm section, correctly recorded & mixed.Originally only available on vinyl (and impossible to find), now Mauley Music has rescued from oblivion this truly fun disc releasing "Just What You Needed" first time digital. And as usual, at 0dayrox we are aware of these silent releases presenting them here for you to collect.


Heavy Metal , Hard Rock

Line Up:

Thierry Gaulme : Drums
Fabrice Fourgeaud : Guitar
Pierre Bremond : Bass
Marc Quee : Vocals


Just What You Needed (LP - 1986) (Reissue 2013)


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Re: Pink Rose

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Pink Rose - Just What You Needed (1986) (Re-issue 2013)




Year : 1986 (Re-issue 2013)
Style : Heavy Metal , Hard Rock
Country : France
Audio : 320 kbps + scans
Size : 97 mb


1. Sunrise
2. Lady from Germany
3. Just What I Need
4. Longing for Love
5. Lonely in the Street
6. Cheating Lady
7. Our Love
8. Rocker
9. Across the Seven Seas
10. Rocking Child

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