Dark Nightmare

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Dark Nightmare

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Greece / Location: Grevena, West Macedonia


Epic Heavy Metal


Dark Nightmare formed on December '99 in Grevena, Hellas as a three members band.In the same year the band entered the studio and recorded it's first demo-CD under the title ''Dark Nightmare''.In 2002 recorded the demo-CD ''Earth in Danger'' with George Karagiannis on keyboards and the band accomplished it's first concerts in the city of Grevena.The third release comes with ''Bloodland'' demo-CD which received excellent reviews from press and fans.At the same time the band accomplished some concerts around Greece with coming of Manolis Tegos to fill the second guitarist place.In 2007 the band release a split-CD under the title ''Serpents of the Night'' with Blade of Spirit in Steel Gallery Records, including tracks from demos and one new song.In 2009 Dark Nightmare released their debut album ''Human Liberty'' by Eat Metal Records with Alfonso Migdanis to fill the bassist place.Dark Nightmare has given a lot of live concerts meeting on stage names like Manilla Road, Omen, Nazareth, Tokyo Blade, Brocas Helm, Socrates, Blitzkrieg, Sacred Steel, Pile Driver, Twisted Tower Dire, Defender, and some of the most important bands of Greece like Sarrisa, Crush, Dream Weaver, Nemesis, Blade Of Spirit, Everflow, Reflection and many others.

Line Up:

Nikos Michalakakos Bass - See also: RagenHeart, Spitfire
Dimos Konstantinidis Drums - See also: Atria Mortis, Secret Island, ex-Black Sword Thunder Attack, ex-Witchcurse
Yiannis Papadimitriou Guitars, Vocals (lead) - See also: ex-Final Answer
George Karagiannis Keyboards


Dark Nightmare Demo 2001
Earth in Danger Demo 2003
The Blood Land Demo 2004
Serpents of the Night Split 2007
The Human Liberty Full-length 2009
Spirit Nightmares Split DVD/video 2011
Beneath the Veils of Winter Full-length 2012




Re: Dark Nightmare

Příspěvekod Horex » květen 21, 2013, 5:16 am

Dark Nightmare - Beneath The Veils Of Winter (2012)




Year : 2012
Style : Epic Heavy Metal
Country : Greece
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 121 mb


1. The Batllefield Caliing My Name 06:44 S
2. Beneath the Veils of Winter 06:25
3. Are We Free? 05:49
4. Living a Lie 04:36
5. The Art of Dreaming 03:57 instrumental
6. Sometimes 06:06
7. Tears 05:36
8. The Voyage 06:07
9. The Wizard (Uriah Heep cover) 02:59

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