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System Breakdown

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Heavy Metal


The band SYSTEM BREAKDOWN features guitarist Carljohan Grimmark, drummer Andreas Johansson and guitartech Ronnie Jaldemark on keyboards from NARNIA. Vocalist of the band is Par Hagstrom fanstastic vocalist in the same vein as Ronnie james Dio and Tony Martin. The bass is handled by Karl Persson. The band is plays heavy music with influnces from bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Sound Garden and also symphonic touches from Genesis. This is a great new band and fans of Narnia and classic hard rock and heavy metal. This is a must!!!Vocalist of the band is Pär Hagström. He is a fanstastic vocalist in the same school as Ronnie James Dio and Tony Martin. The bass is handled by Karl Persson.The band is plays heavy music with influnces from bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and also symphonic touches from Genesis. Of course you can hear Carljohan Grimmark´s trademark as great guitarplayer. This is a great album and fans of NARNIA, ROB ROCK and classic hard rock and heavy metal will love this album.System Breakdown drawing upon influences as diverse as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, King’s X or even Soundgarden to create one of the more unique and creative releases of the year. Grimmark might not cut loose with any of the lengthy guitar runs characteristic of his material with Narnia but in no way does he make his presence felt any less. System Breakdown introduces a darker and moodier side to Grimmark, his playing coming across in a slower and more blues influenced manner while still packing a more than enough punch and power. Lead vocalist Par Hagstrom brings a raspy but melodic tinged vocal style to the project. Displaying a great deal of versatility, he can hit a Dio-like high note with ease or reach down low and add a measure of grit and gravel to his delivery. Drummer Andreas Johansson (Narnia) puts forth one of his finest showings and combines with the steady bass lines of Karl Persson to create a formidable rhythm section. Keyboardist Ronnie Jaldermark adds just the right amount of touch to each song without coming across heavy handed.102 features a good crispsounding production job with sonics allowing all the instrumentation to stand out in the mix. An effective blend of crunchy rhythm guitar and fluid lead guitar stand alongside a super thick and heavy down tuned low end. The substantial bass line at the start of "Pain" gives way to a crisp sounding rhythm guitar. After the rhythm guitar drops from the mix as “Pain” reaches its first verse, it gradually fades back to a place of prominence as the song moves on to a strong powerfully delivered chorus. Over its last half "Pain" slows as keyboards move to the front of the mix and combine with a muffled rhythm guitar sound before ending coldly. The muscular rhythm guitar initiating the slower more mid-tempo paces “System Breakdown” plays a reduced role in the mix during its first verse. Picking up in pace, the rhythm guitar takes a commanding role as the song proceeds to a groove flavored chorus backed by vocal harmonies.The bass guitar opens an instrumental passage culminating with a guitar solo that fades in and gradually gains intensity.Due to a vocal performance from Hagstrom on the abrasive side "A Little More Of Everything" is the albums only track to not always hold up under repeated play. Opening to a drum solo, "A Little More Of Everything" takes off to a fast paced riff that conveys it in hard hitting fashion to a chorus held back buy its overriding repetitious feel.The songs instrumental passage, on the other hand,is a creative thing of beauty: Grimmark's lead guitar work begins quickly before fading out and transitioning to a bass solo overshadowed by ominous sounding keyboards.The rhythm guitar slowly fades back in as the song gainsmomentum.An acoustic guitar slowly carries the haunting ballad "Paths" forward until it transitions to a stylish chorus highlighted by Hagstrom's smooth sounding vocal delivery. Jaldermark contributes a tastefully done keyboard solo before female vocal harmonies help close out the songs last half.

Line Up:

Karl Persson Bass
Andreas Johansson Drums
See also: Rob Rock, ex-Narnia, ex-Wisdom Call
Ronnie Jaldemark Keyboards
Pär Hagström Vocals


102 Full-length 2003


Re: System Breakdown

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System Breakdown - 102 (2013)




Year : 2013
Style : Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 102 mb


1. Pain 05:06
2. System Breakdown 05:56
3. A Little More of Everything 04:16
4. Paths 05:01
5. Otherside 03:51
6. S.F.H.R. 05:29
7. Mindsession Part 1: What Will You Bring Me? 03:38
8. Mindsession Part 2: Flying on Wings of Steel 04:56

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