Anti Tank Nun

Heavy Metal

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Anti Tank Nun

Příspěvekod Horex » červen 27, 2013, 6:24 am





Poland / Goleniów


Heavy Metal


ANTI TANK NUN is a completely new meatal outfit on the Polish scene. It was formed by Tomasz ''Titus'' Pukacki (of Acid Drinkers fame – the band is the most popular and best-selling metal act in Poland) and a 14-year old guitarist Igor Gwadera (whom ''Titus'' calls ''a phenomenon which must be cherished''). Initially, the two were to record one song and appear in an accompanying video. However, after a few rehearsals together, ''Titus'' decided that it would be a crime committed on rock`n`roll not to continue his collaboration with Igor and that he (''Titus'') was not going to commit that crime. The line-up was completed by Adam Bielczuk (guitar) and Bogumił Krakowski (drums). That is how ANTI TANK NUN came about.

Line Up:

Mr. Bo Drums (2011-present)
Iggy Guitars (lead) (2011-present)
Adi Guitars (rhythm) (2011-present) - See also: FOE
Titus Vocals, Bass (2011-present) - See also: Acid Drinkers, Titus Tommy Gunn, ex-Virgin Snatch, ex-Albert Rosenfield, ex-Homo Twist


Hang'em High Full-length 2012
Fire Follow Me Full-length 2013




Re: Anti Tank Nun

Příspěvekod Horex » červen 27, 2013, 6:27 am

Anti Tank Nun - Fire Follow Me (2013)




Year : 2013
Style : Heavy Metal
Country : Poland
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 124 mb


1. First Spark 03:49
2. Fire Follow Me 03:10
3. Sake Crazy 05:20
4. Hurricane Kazz 04:43
5. Under the Big Black Tent 03:56
6. Iron Midget 04:49
7. Canal Street 04:01
8. Hanged Man's Diary 05:30
9. That One Who's Good... 06:14
10. Killing Times 05:07

Please my link you can spread further, but do not upload to other hostings!!!


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