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Progressive Rock


Flash is an English progressive rock group, formed by former Yes guitarist Peter Banks and vocalist Colin Carter in August 1971. Bassist Ray Bennett and drummer Mike Hough completed the line-up.The San Antonio-based cover band Flash, which at one time included Christopher Cross, is not related.The band went into the recording studio in November 1971 to record its debut album, and performed its first gig on 14 January 1972. Coincidentally, exactly one year later, on 14 January 1973, Flash would fill New York's Philharmonic Hall.There is some controversy over whether fellow ex-Yes member, keyboardist Tony Kaye, who appeared on the first Flash album, was actually an "official" member of the group, or merely a guest. The confusion stems from the fact that Kaye is listed alongside the other members of the group on the back cover. Interviews with all the parties confirm that, though Kaye was invited to join he declined, and should have been cited as a guest on the first album. He went on to found Badger in 1972. Other potential keyboard players were approached or auditioned at the time, including Ian McDonald (formerly of King Crimson), Rick Wakeman (soon to join Yes) and Patrick Moraz (also a future member of Yes), but eventually the band decided to carry on as a keyboard-less quartet, with Carter handling the occasional synthesizer part.Flash had a minor hit with "Small Beginnings" (1972, No. 28 Billboard Hot 100 chart) which was featured in the movie, Record Review. The song "Small Beginnings" has also been included in numerous compilation albums, most recently Bob Stroud's Rock 'n Roll Roots, Vol. 10.The band released three albums, Flash (1972), In The Can (1972 Nov.) and Out Of Our Hands (1973 Summer).Flash were signed with Sovereign, a sub-label of Capitol Records and received support from the label, who were hoping for a similar level of success to other progressive rock bands such as ELP or Yes. The debut LP sold in excess of 100,000 copies. They toured North America a total of four times, and Continental Europe (Holland, Belgium and Germany) once, in early 1972, while regularly playing gigs in their native UK, including a joint tour with Beck, Bogert & Appice in 1973. Flash also did a brief tour of Australia, while making their third album. At the insistence of Capitol, the third album was released under the name Flash - featuring England's Peter Banks, to avoid a legal challenge from another local band named "Flash", and to capitalise on the interest generated by Banks' solo album Two Sides Of Peter Banks which was released almost concurrently.Flash disbanded during an American tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico in November 1973. At this point relationships inside the band had soured, particularly between Banks and the rest of the band. It was suggested that the band find a replacement for Banks and carry on. They decided to stick it out because of their excellent musical chemistry, but in the end, ever-increasing tensions resulted in the band's abrupt demise.A 1997 release, Psychosync, compiled a live recording made in 1973 for a WLIR radio broadcast as well as their two songs performed on The Midnight Special TV show.

Line Up:

Mike Hough : Drums
Ray Bennett : Bass, Keyboard
Peter Banks : Guitar Peter Banks, Nolan And Wakeman, ex-Yes, ex-Empire, ex-The Syn
Colin Carter : Vocals

Former/Past members:

Tony Kaye : Keyboard ex-Yes, ex-Badger


Flash (CD - 1972)
In The Can (CD - 1972)
Out Of Our Hands (CD - 1973)
Psychosync (Live - 1997)
Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter (CD - 2013)




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Flash - Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter (2013)




Year : 2013
Style : Progressive Rock
Country : United Kingdom
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 145 mb


1. Night Vision - 6:31
2. Hurt - 9:30
3. Something So Dark - 7:16
4. Manhattan Morning - 5:30
5. Into the Sun - 8:23
6. Grand Canyon - 8:19
7. Morpheum - 4:57
8. 10000 Movies - 4:54
9. Richerd of Venice - 3:28

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