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Belgium / Namur


Progressive Melodic Metal


With EPYSODE Samuel Arkan presents a fascinating new band project.But what exactly makes EPYSODE so outstanding and extraordinary? At first it is of course about the magnitude and quality of the material, which offers melodic and very song-oriented progressive metal at its best. In fact the songs get what they need, what results in material that is not too hard to access to, but on the other hand offers new facets every time of listening because of the complex arrangements.“Here we are after 1 year of composing, writing and 5 months of recording…” (Samuel Arkan) The dark progressive/power metal project EPYSODE returns with its sophomore album “Fantasmagoria” on October 11th.The successor to “Obsessions” (2011) was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen studio in Denmark (Volbeat, Pretty Maids, Amaranthe a.m.m.)Beside band leader Samuel Arkan, the following vocalists and musicians contribute to “Fantasmagoria”: Tom S. Englund (Evergrey) Henning Basse (ex-Metalium, ex-Sons Of Seasons, Mayan) Ida Haukland (Triosphere) Matt Marinelli (Borealis) Tezzi Persson (Between The Silence) Mike LePond (Symphony X) Léo Margarit (Pain Of Salvation) Julien Spreutels (Ethernity) Simone Mularoni (DGM)The quite unusual thing is that all these guests came to the Noise Factory studio (Belgium) to track down their parts. Nobody recorded his/her parts at home, like with some many other projects.“I wanted the whole thing to get a real “band” feeling”, Arkan says. “Therefore having all vocalists and musicians here was very important to me. We got to know each other better and better while spending time together. The new material sounds very fresh, dark, heavy, modern and "true" with "straight in the face" guitar riffs, intense voices and melodies, massive work on progressive atmospheres and orchestral parts. All the artists who participated in this album gave their soul to it, gave their best, they travelled deeper into sensitivity and sincerity. That's probably the best words which define this next album... sincerity & spontaneity! This album comes from the heart of each musician and vocalist who worked on it, and you can feel it when you listen to this new EPYSODE album.” Compared to the debut “Obessions” the new material is a step forward in every way, with even better songwriting, a massive sound, powerful production and an intensity you rarely find these days. With the top notch vocalists that are gathered here (a.o. Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund, who is contributing to 5 songs) the “Fantasmagoria” concept story comes to life in a very intense and thrilling way, with lots of facets, expressive singing, deep & dark emotions. Englund’s duet with Ida Haukland (Triosphere) on the album’s title track especially gives goosebumps to the listener. There is also a plot to the “Obsessions” album and many fans of concepts will have their pure delight in discovering the story behind the story. The “Fantasmagoria” recordings took place from December 2012 to end of April 2013.

Line Up:

Kristoffer Gildenlöw Bass (2011-present) - See also: Consortium Project (live), The 11th Hour (live), The Shadow Theory, ex-Pain of Salvation, ex-Damian Wilson Band, ex-Dial
Léo Margarit Drums (2011-present) - See also: Pain of Salvation, Wardanz, Zubrowska (live), ex-Latin Jam, ex-Virtual Realm
Samuel Arkan Guitars (2011-present) - See also: ex-Virus IV
Christophe Godin Guitars (2011-present) - See also: 2G, Gnô, Godin and R. Garcia, Mörglbl Trio
Julien Spreutels Keyboards (2011-present) - See also: Ethernity, Sapphire, ex-Magic Kingdom
Rick Altzi Vocals (2011-present) - See also: At Vance, Frequency, Herman Frank, Masterplan, Sandalinas, ex-Sanity, ex-Thunderstone, ex-Treasure Land
Kelly Sundown Vocals (2011-present) - See also: Adagio, Darkology, Firewind (live), ex-Inner Sanctum, ex-Beyond Twilight, ex-Outworld
Oddleif Stensland Vocals (2011-present) - See also: Communic, ex-Clairvoya, ex-Ingermanland, ex-Scariot
Magali Luyten Vocals (2011-present) - See also: Frameshift, ex-Spirittales, ex-Virus IV, ex-Beautiful Sin, ex-Over Us Eden, Master of Waha
Liselotte "Lilo" Hegt Vocals (2011-present) - See also: ex-Cirrha Niva, ex-Dial


Obsessions Full-length 2011
Fantasmagoria Full-length 2013




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Re: Epysode

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Epysode - Fantasmagoria (2013)




Year : 2013
Style : Progressive Melodic Metal
Country : Belgium
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 163 mb


01. File-41-80-2 (2:15)
02. The Arch (5:14)
03. Morning Rose (4:35)
04. Venom (4:35)
05. The Black Parade (5:12)
06. T.H.O.R.N.S. (4:00)
07. Garden Of Exile (2:48)
08. Raven’s Curse (4:48)
09. Living Fortress (4:34)
10. Fantasmagoria (6:49)
11. The Inheritance (1:08)
12. Now And Forever (4:32)
13. Forgotten Symphony (6:47)
14. Unreal (5:14)

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Re: Epysode

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Epysode - Obsessions (2011) [HQ]
Quality: mp3, 320kb/s [CD-Rip], lame 3.93.1
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Kelly Sundown - Vocals (Beyond Twilight, Darkology,ex-Outworld, ex-Inner Sanctum, Adagio (Live))
Oddleif Stensland - Vocals (Communic, ex-Clairvoya, ex-Scariot, ex-Ingermanland, Nuclear Blast Allstars)
Magali Luyten - Vocals (Virus IV, Beautiful Sin, Frameshift, Over Us Eden, ex-Spirittales, Rooky, Ayreon)
Rick Altzi - Vocals (At Vance, Thunderstone, Sandalinas, Frequency, ex-Treasure Land)
Liselotte "Lilo" Hegt - Vocals (Dial, Valentine, Ayreon, ex-Cirrha Niva)
Samuel Arkan - Music, Story & Guitars (Virus IV)
Christophe Godin - Guitar Solos (Gnô, Morglbl Trio)
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Bass (The Shadow Theory, ex-Pain of Salvation, The 11th Hour (Live), Consortium Project (Live), Dark Suns, Harmony, Consortium Project, Dial)
Julien Spreutels - Keyboards (Ethernity, ex-Magic Kingdom)
Léo Margarit - Drums (Pain of Salvation, Ruud Jolie, ex-Zubrowska)
...trošička mých statistik...

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Re: Epysode

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    COUNTRY:.................. Belgium
    ALBUM:.................... Fantasmagoria
    TYPE OF ALBUM:... Full-length
    YEAR:................... 2013
    GENRE:........... Progressive Melodic Metal
    FILESIZE:................... 459 MB
    FORMAT:................... Flac@915 kbps + Cue
    SCANS:........... Yes

    1. File-41-80-2
    2. The Arch
    3. Morning Rose
    4. Venom
    5. The Black Parade
    6. T.H.O.R.N.S.
    7. Garden of Exile
    8. Raven’s Curse
    9. Living Fortress
    10. Fantasmagoria
    11. The Inheritance
    12. Now and Forever
    13. Forgotten Symphony
    14. Unreal

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