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Thought Chamber

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United States / San Francisco, California


Progressive Metal


Progressive rock / metal band formed by Ted Leonard & Michael Harris....Thought Chamber is a progressive metal supergroup assembled by Michael Harris and manager John Purdom.The band, also featuring vocalist Ted Leonard (Enchant), began through an internet ad placed by Harris. After Michael and Ted spent quite some time crafting the material, they then united with the rhythm section of Haji’s Kitchen (formerly on Shrapnel Records) and Outworld keyboardist Bobby Williamson to form “Thought Chamber”. This group is all about songs and musicianship, with styles ranging from metal to jazz to classical tinged prog. The debut CD is entitled “Angular Perceptions”, which the band has secured a deal for with InsideOut Music, and was released on April 3, 2007 worldwide. The band is presently working on their follow up record.Pyskerion will be released on October 1, 2013. The album will be composed of 16 songs.

Line Up:

Jeff Plant Bass
Mike Haid Drums - See also: David T. Chastain, ex-Michael Harris
Bill Jenkins Keyboards - See also: Enchant
Michael Harris Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (2006-present) - See also: Darkology, Michael Harris, Zanister, Arch Rival, ex-David T. Chastain / Michael Harris, ex-Leather, ex-Surgeon, ex-Vitalij Kuprij
Ted Leonard Vocals (2006-present) - See also: Affector, Enchant, Spock's Beard


Angular Perceptions Full-length 2007
Psykerion Full-length 2013




Re: Thought Chamber

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Thought Chamber - Psykerion (2013)




Year : 2013
Style : Progressive Metal
Country : USA
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 207 mb


01 - Inceptus [00:02:40]
02 - Exodus [00:01:47]
03 - Psykerion The Question [00:03:03]
04 - In The Words Of Avakus [00:01:52]
05 - Light Year Time [00:05:33]
06 - Kerakryps [00:05:27]
07 - The Black Hole Lounge [00:01:08]
08 - Circuits Of O.D.D. [00:01:54]
09 - Behind The Eyes Of Ikk [00:08:36]
10 - Isle Of Bizen [00:04:34]
11 - Xyrethius Ii [00:04:30]
12 - Recoil [00:03:17]
13 - Breath Of Life [00:03:05]
14 - Transcend [00:09:39]
15 - Planet Qwinkle [00:04:41]
16 - Inner Peace [00:02:08]
17 - Isle of Bisen [00:04:01] Bonus
18 - Recoil [00:04:29] Bonus

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