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Germany / Location: Berlin


Industrial Metal , Folk Metal


Tanzwut (German pronunciation: [ˈtantsvuːt]) is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and medieval metal band which originated as a sideproject of Corvus Corax-members. The band uses a medieval theme during their live performances which are expressed through their stagecraft, costumes and choreography.Their name is the German term for "dancing mania", but is directly translated with "dance-rage". Tanzwut are known for their heavy use of bagpipes, an unusual instrument for a metal band. The group has achieved international success, filling concert halls as far away from their home country as Mexico.The band's recent releases have been gravitating towards a more industrial metal approach, incorporating the use of more down-tuned guitars, harsher vocals and darker atmospheres. On Weiße Nächte though, Tanzwut completely removed its industrial sound for a more refined classical approach centered around bagpipes with a heavy metal sound.

Line Up:

Shumon : Keyboard, Percussions
Martin Ukrasvan : Guitar, Back Vocals, Bagpipes Corvus Corax
Teufel : Vocals, Bagpipes Corvus Corax
Der Zwilling : Bass, Bagpipes
Jackbird : Drums, Keyboard, Percussions Corvus Corax
Ardor : Folk Instruments, Bagpipes Corvus Corax
Thrymr : Folk Instruments, Bagpipes

Past members:

Tec : Programming
Koll. A. : Folk Instruments, Bagpipes
Brandan : Guitar, Bagpipes Corvus Corax


Tanzwut (CD - 1999)
Labyrinth der Sinne (CD - 2000)
Live (Live - 2004)
Ihr Wolltet Spass (CD - 2004)
Schattenreiter (CD - 2006)
Morus et Diabulus (CD - 2011)
Weiße Nächte (CD - 2011)
Höllenfahrt (CD - 2013)




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Tanzwut - Höllenfahrt (Limited Edition Digipak) (2013)




Year : 2013
Style : Industrial Metal , Folk Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 171 mb


01. Hoellenfahrt
02. Das Geruecht
03. Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm
04. Schwarzer Engel
05. Niemand weiss
06. Die letzten Tage
07. Heimatlos
08. Der Himmel brennt
09. Zieh Dich aus
10. Das Elixier
11. Kein Blick zurueck
12. Hymnus Cerberi
13. Das Geruecht (Remix Bonus Track by Heldmaschine)
14. Der Himmel brennt (Remix Bonus Track by Chris Pohl)

Please my link you can spread further, but do not upload to other hostings!!!


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již slyšeno - veskrze průměrné album :x
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