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Italy / Bari, Apulia


Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore


Exhumer was born in 2004 by the will of Marco “Furiogrind” Aromatario, an Italian underground death metal scene guitarist for years (ex-Natron, ex-Mutala, ex-Penis Leech, ex–Urshurark, ex–Requiem K626 and ex–Stench of Dismemberment). And to this day plays with Corpsefucking Art.The starting line-up, formed by Fiore Stravino on vocals (Ex–Necrophilism, Ex-The Cock is 29 and today is in Still in Da Game), Marco Aromatario on guitar, Vito Laterza on bass and Vlady Fumaroli on drums (Ex Reality Grey, ex–Infecthead).They recorded their first demo in October 2004, named “Sick & Deviance”. Some tracks, from this demo, took part to some underground extreme music compilations, as “Register of Zombie Vol. 2” and “Mal The Core Compilation”.Over the years, Exhumer has been constant in their live activity. In 2006, Vlady Fumaroli was substituted by Antonio Donadeo (actually a jazz drummer, but he took part in Italian death metal bands such as Traitor, undertakers, Necrotorture and Stillness Blade, playing in live sessions with bands such as Vital Remains and Dechristianize) on drums.On bass, Alyosha Danisi (Ex-Natron) in substitution of Vito Laterza.The new line-up recorded at “Jolly Roger Studio” their first full-length cd named “Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion” in October/November, 2006. This album received encouraging and positive critiques, that made this album one of the top albums in the genre of death metal in 2007.In 2009, Vlady Fumaroli came back on drums, after Antonio Donadeo left. In that same year, Exhumer supported Impaled Nazarene in their Italian tour. With this new line-up, the band affronted their first European tour. Gaining approval, they took part in festivals in Germany, Swiss, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria.They played with the band Abysmal Torment for the "Supreme Tyrant Tour" playing in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Holland and Germany.Over the years, Exhumer played at events such as Las Vegas Death Fest, Valpurga Metal Fest, Tattoo Death Fest and Faust Extreme Fest. Just recently (June 2011), they did a U.S. tour with Vulvectomy, Vomit God and Modus Delicti, and presented new songs that will soon be part of the next full-length album, "Degraded by Sepsis", produced by Comatose Music. The band now has a new line up and tour coming soon!

Line Up:

Marco "Furiogrind" Aromatario Guitars (2004-present) - See also: Corpsefucking Art, Stench of Dismemberment, ex-Requiem K626, ex-Ad Noctem Funeriis, ex-Mutala, ex-Natron
Alyosha Danisi Bass (2006-2011, 2013-present) - See also: ex-Natron
Joe Numisa Vocals (2011-present)


Sick & Deviance Demo 2004
Bloodcurdling Tool of Digestion Full-length 2008
Degraded by Sepsis Full-length 2013




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